Ypao Beach is
Tumon Bay Sea Life Park!

Guam Marine Preseve system made Ypao Beach a Sea Life Park. Tumon Bay where Ypao Beach is located has been selected as a Marine Preserve Area since 1997, and has been enforced since January 2001.

Thanks to the wonderful law that makes Tumon Bay a preserve area.The marine life has increased.Since the law was enforced 2001, Department of Agriculture research say that they found more and lager fish in the Marine preserves.

When you go snorkeling there, you will see these fish underwater more often.Here are some pictures that I have taken of some of the fish that live there. I have added the names of these fish and a little bit of information about them. I will try to add more pictures when I can.

Blue Green Chromis

When you get to the place that corals are, you will see these little cute Chromis everywhere around the coral. When you approach them, they will swim all around you to see if you have some food for them. They are used to being fed by snorkelers and divers. And they are very friendly.

Picasso fish (Triggerfish)

It’s a pretty fish with yellow, white, black, and brown color, but these fish are very territorial when they are protecting their egg nest. Sometimes they chase you when you swim by their nest. And sometimes will even nip your toes.So I recommend you wear reef shoes when you go snorkeling, it's protect your feet from anything anyway.

Christmas Tree Worm

This is one of my favorite creatures underwater!! It really looks like a Christmas tree. It comes in many colors. And lives in corals. When you move your fingers near it, it will disappear and then come back again.

Humbug Damselfish

Hubbug Damselfish are everywhere at Ypao Beach. Their face is a kind of funny looking. Try taking pictures next time you come. You will know what I mean. :-)

Violet Soldierfish

They live in large groups gathering underneath the larger coral heads. And in the tangles of Staghorn Coral found throughout Tumon Bay.

Yellow stripe Goatfish

They are also very abundant at Ypao Beach. Sometimes swimming in large schools. They are a favorite snack for the many Trevallies that live in the area.

Dusky Anemone fish (Clown fish)

This is “Nimo”s cousin; this is a little different kind of Clown fish. One White stripe around the head and a rest of the body is dark orange.

In case if you don't know which fish is which name, come back here to find out.I will keep update as I add more fish pictures. Here are some more photo and names...

Scribbled File Fish

Cleaner Wrasse

Snow Flake Moray Eel

You can take a photo but keep a distance.
Stay away from this fish, because Moray Eel has sharp teeth and they are usually dirty. If you get bit by it, your injured body part will be infected for sure.
Usually if you don't go close to it, you will be fine.
So, once again, stay away from Moray Eel.

Moorish Idol

Yellow spot Emperor

Skip Jack/Blue Fin Trevally

Bullethead Parrot Fish

It doesn't look so beautiful from this picture, but it has a beautiful multicolor on his body. I don't see them in a big school. They are not like goatfish.

Trumpet fish

Longnose File Fish

Yellow Butterfly fish

Porcupine Fish

This is also one of my favorite fishes at Ypao Beach. Their eyes are very big round eyes. They swim very graciously.

Racoon Butterfly fish
Scribbled Pipefish
Red Lionfish
Peacock Flounder
Fine-lined Squirrelfish
Bronze Soldier fish
Narrow-lined Puffer fish
Threadfin Butterfly fish
Convict Tang
Pennant Banner fish
Farmer Fish
Big scale Soldierfish
Freckled Hawkfish
Arc-eye Hawkfish
Christmas Wrasse
Scribbled Rabbit fish
Crown Squirrelfish
Blue spine Unicorn fish
Three spot Wrasse
Orange spine Unicorn fish
Flag tail Grouper
Blue-banded Surgeonfish
Blotch Eye Soldier fish

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