Guam Weather

The weather often changes during the day, especially on this island. (It's not like Japan where I came from.)
Most days are sunny with some occasional showers here and there.
But rain showers here usually don't last long.

So don't make a quick decision when you see rain outside of your hotel area when you wake up, because it usually will stop in 10 to 15 minutes.

So most of the time, I don't worry about rain even if I have plans to be outside that day.
Even a rainstorm on the previous night usually doesn't affect weather on the next day.
And you may be able to see a beautiful rainbow in the morning.

If you are finished shopping and it starts to rain, just go back inside and have some coffee and wait for the rain to stop.

Since I stay on Guam, I use an umbrella outside on Sunny days to protect myself from the Sun more than keeping away from rain.

If you go on an optional tour such as a dolphin watching tour, bring an extra towel or something to keep you warm if it rains or to use after swimming such as a windbreaker, a long sleeve shirt, or even a wrap.
You will be more comfortable if you are prepared.

I always have a wrap or a jacket with me when I leave my house for the day.

Here is a current weather and forecast for tomorrow on Guam.

Click for Agana Heights, Guam Forecast

Dry Season and Rainy Season

Guam has two season, dry season and rainy season.
During the dry season Guam is blessed with cool trade winds from the northeast, which make it seem cooler than the actual temperature.
But during the rainy season, there is usually less wind and humidity makes it seem hotter than the actual temperature.
For me, I prefer the dry season.

In the rainy season Guam has frequent thunderstorms in the afternoon.
That sometimes makes tourist unhappy especially lightening.
The lifeguard will usually close the beach until the storm passes for safety.
Even if there is no lifeguard, don't go in the water when you see lighting or hear thunder near by.

Thunderstorms happen often from July through the month of August, sometimes until mid September.
Thunderstorms usually occur in the afternoon.

Rainy season is also typhoon and tropical storm season.
These storms usually form southeast of Guam.
Although many storms form during this time, Guam hasn't been hit by a BIG typhoon since 2002.
I was there when this happened. It was a very scary experience for my family and me.
I thank God we made it through safely.
I was amazed at how strong the winds were and at the damage after the storm.
Nevertheless Guam is very resilient and recovered relatively quickly.

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