"What kind of Water Activities
do you want to try on Guam?"

When I first came with my friends to Guam, we tried as many Water Activities as we could.
We tried snorkeling, Dolphin watching, scuba diving, Para sailing, Banana boat ride,
Jet Skiing and so on.
We had a great time trying them all while we were on Guam.
In 5 days, we were like.…
"Is our Guam Vacation over already? Can we extend a couple more days? Please!!"
Sadly we had to go back home to get back to work… :-<
But we enjoyed our Guam vacation very much. 5 days in Guam wasn't long enough to enjoy all the activities Guam has to offer….

Here are some Guam Activities that we enjoyed and you might enjoy on your Guam Vacation…

Water Activities

Guam Snorkeling (0~$$)

Snorkeling is an easy activity to try on Guam.
You can try snorkeling at the beach or from a boat.
When my friends and I visited Guam for the first time, this was the first thing we tried.
We snorkeled in front of our hotel.
But I found out later on that there were much more beautiful places to snorkel on Guam such as Ypao Beach, Piti Bomb Hole and Gun Beach.
You can also try snorkeling from a boat.
There are several optional tours on Guam that offer boat snorkeling.
Usually combined with Dolphin watching.

Guam Kayaking ($$)

You can try Kayaking on Guam right in front of your hotel.
Most beach front hotels provide Marine Sports equipment rental, such as Kayak, snorkeling gear, tubes, peddle boats and so on.
Kayaking is very easy water activity to do and fun to paddle.
My daughter and I had so much fun kayaking together.

Guam Dolphin watching ($$)

Dolphin watching is a very popular activity on Guam.
Most of Guam Dolphin watching tours departs from Agat Marina.
Most companies have at least 2 trips a day.

The Dolphins that you see around Guam are 100% wild and they stay near the island.
Usually they are not difficult to find.
The percentage for finding dolphins on Guam is between 85% and 95% all year round.
I recommend you to find the companies operating Dolphin watching as their main tour.

The price for a Guam Dolphin watching tour is between $58.00~$70.00/adult.
It depends on what's include in the tour that makes price different.

Tour companies have Dolphin Watching Tour:

Alupang Beach Club (ABC)

: (671) 649-5200

Real World Diving: (671) 646-8903

Scuba Company: (671) 649-3369

Turtle Tours: (671) 649-1941/1942

Guam Scuba Diving ($$~$$$)

You can also try Scuba Diving on Guam. Guam has many beautiful dive sites.
Even if you are not a license diver, you can try Introductory Diving.
You can just try diving from the beach. Or after you finish Beach Introductory Diving, you may want to try diving from a boat.
The visibility of Guam's water has been said to be clearer than Hawaii's.
Guam's Underwater World is really amazing.

If you are a licensed diver, you may want to dive at a spot called "the Blue Hole."

This is one of the most popular dive sites on Guam.
The dive boats go there every day. There are many different dive companies on Guam.
Depending on the type of diving you are interested in.
You should be able to find a company that will suit your needs.
There are many other beautiful dive spots inside and outside of Apra Harbor beside "Blue Hole."
(Note: Usually dive shops that use a large dive boats don't accept request for dive spots from their customers. If you have specific request for a dive spot, I recommend using a smaller dive company.)

The dive shops that have or have access to 6 passengers dive boat seem to be more flexible to divers' request.

Guam Fishing

Fishing is another fun water activity to do on Guam.
There are several companies on Guam that specialize in fishing.
Depending on the type of fishing that you are interested in you will be sure to find a company that will satisfy your needs.

Bottom Fishing ($$)

If it is your first time to try fishing, I recommend that you try Bottom Fishing.
Companies that offer Bottom Fishing usually provide all necessary equipment for the activity.
It is an easy and fun way to try fishing on Guam.
I personally like this type of fishing, because I can catch fish almost guaranteed.
It's a good activity for family and kids.

Target fish for bottom fishing are Goatfish, Grouper, Triggerfish, Jobfish (Uku), and Yellow lip Emperor fish that live close to shoreline.

Usually fish that are caught on the tour stay with the boat.
But if you ask your captain, you may be able to take fish to a restaurant to eat.

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