Tim Rock Shop

I found Tim Rock Shop inside Fisheye Marine Park Main Facility in Piti, about 20 minutes from Tomon Village.

About the owner of Tim Rock Shop

Tim Rock is an underwater photographer who is the owner of a photo gallery on Guam in the western Pacific.

He attended the journalism program at the University of Nebraska - Omaha and has been a professional broadcast and print photojournalist for 30 years.

Tim Rock is the author and contributor to 10 Lonely Planet/Pisces series guides including The Diving and Snorkeling Guides to South Africa & Mozambique, Malaysia, Chuuk-Pohnpei-Kosrae, Palau, Bali & Lombok, Guam & Yap, Papua New Guinea and The Philippines.

You can see many beautiful pictures in his many photo books that he took wherever he's been for his trips.

If you haven't bought souvenirs yet on your Guam trip, stop by Tim's shop in Piti.

If you want to take a look at his photography works, click below...

There are many many amazing photos you will see!!!

He sells photo books that I mentioned.

There are many of his photo magnets and postcards also.

Website: Tim Rock Photography site