Terraza Cafe and Grill

Terraza Cafe and Grill is another great place to enjoy Guam's beauty!

You are not gonna do BBQ here but just enjoy the view with your loved one for sure. Their foods are kind of light foods but delicious.

If you want to taste a little bit of everything they have, you can order the sampler.

We went there just before sunset time.

It was perfect day, there was a wind blowing, so we could spend time there comfortably. The view from the table was so magnificent.

The day went there, they had a musician, Joe Guam, playing at entrance.

Live music is the best music for the beautiful sunset dinner. Restaurant manager said that there is one more night they have a live music but I forgot what day she said... Sorry...

When we were there we order lots of finger food as you see.

Price was very reasonable. That is good.

When sunset time came, we realized most of the tables were filled.

This place seems already getting popular.

They serve breakfast also. I haven't been there breakfast yet but I heard they serve slices of Banana Bread and scrambled eggs they opens from 8:00 am.

I'm so glad that Two Lover's Point FINALLY has a place where we can grab a bite and drink and enjoy the magnificent view.

I don't think you don't really need to go into lookout with pay ($3.00), because it has it all and you can take a picture of the lookout! LOL.

Here is a menu that we took a picture.

Terraza Cafe General Info:

Address: Two Lovers Point

Hours 8AM–7PM

Phone+1 671-647-4423

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