Tagachang Beach

Tagachang Beach is one of the Beautiful east side Guam Beaches.

It's located at Yona, east side of Guam. North end of Yona village off Route 4.

Some people say this is one of the breathtaking beautiful beaches on Guam. I 100% agree to that.

There are plenty sandy area but coast line has very sharp rocks. You definitely need reef shoes to wear for your safety.

Water is super clear. Take a look at this photo below.

You can also see the sharp rock that I am talking about. VERY SHARP!

It's not crowded place at all. When we visited only few local people were having lunch at the pavilion. They were very friendly.

You can go in the beach area by car IF YOU HAVE A TRUCK.

No low ride or regular car can't go inside the beach area at all. You will damage the bottom of your car or you will stuck at sand. Don't even try.

There is a plenty parking space right in front of beach. Just park there and enjoy the beach walking. When we went there, there were lots of debris at the beach side from the typhoon or some bad weather.

But when go further more right hand side area, you will be shocked to see how beautiful small private beach is there to enjoy.

Compare to the main beach area, amazingly there was NO debris at all.

To get to this area, there are many sharp rocks. You walk through those sharp rocks up and down. If you want to bring some picnic stuff there, you may want to bring light stuff only with you, such as a straw beach mat and a small cooler box. You will not see you car from this beach area, so make sure don't leave any valuable thing inside the car if you are going there.

If you have small child with you, I recommend stay at main beach area for safety reason. You will still have fun. Shallow waters, it makes an ideal beach for children, those who do not swim well or for just relaxing.

To get Tagachang Beach, this is one of the sign we saw by the drive way to the beach. It's right after the Pago Bay Overlook if you are coming from Pago Bay. Prepare to turn at the first road on the left and follow it all the way down to the beach.

Coming from the South end of the island it is passed the Yona Mobile gas station, on the right all the way down road. 

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