Sightseeing in Hagatna

Get out of crowd in Tumon and let's go Sightseeing in Hagatna !

Here is one idea route for sightseeing in Hagatna that I went right before lunch time.

First I've got to get something to munch on while I was walking through.

Near Paseo Traffic light there was Port of Mocha Coffee House by the Bank of Hawaii building.

I also saw Cup and Saucer, Bakery and Crepe Cafe two building down the street from Port of Mocha.

I was in a mood of getting pie thing, so I decided to get Cup & Saucer's Vege Quiche. While I was waiting Quiche to be warmed up, I had a two Macaroons.

This is Dulce Nombe de Maria Cathedral-Basilica.

It looked like they have tourists visitors every day by big tour buses.

When you go into the cathedral, don't forget to donate $1.

There are the beautiful stained glass arts on both sides. You have to see with your eyes.

This is Pope John Paul II Monument. The Pope John Paul II (1920-2005) came to Guam for the first time in 1981 and held mass here. This monument moves the time pass by.

Park near the cathedral had a site called, the Plaza De Espana. This building was one of the buildings inside the Plaza De Espana, the Chocolate House, very cute little building.

These are famous Guam's Latte Stones. You can see these behind the Cathedral. Lots of shady area there. I saw some locals were having lunch there. Now days it's a good place to have lunch break for locals, I think.

They had a very clean public restroom inside the park there.

Having lunch at Hagatna

I was getting hungry and thirsty. I realized that I forgot to buy drink at Cup & Saucer. I just remembered there was a coconut juice stand right by the Cathedral. When I close to them, I noticed they are closing. I ran there and ask a young staff "how much is the coconut juice?"

The young man seems he doesn't speak and he tapped the older guy who was packing.

Older guy answered my question, Coconut juice was $5 same price as at the Flea Market in Dededo. I ordered one but mouth of cut hole was small and had to get the coconut meat out, so I asked the guy to cut more bigger. He didn't really understand me and kept saying "You drink coconut juice." We kept saying same thing 3, 4 times and finally the man understood me?!...

He brought another coconut and made me coconut sashimi.

Miscommunication with the coconut juice man made my lunch much more interesting and yummy; Coconut Sashimi, Coconut Juice and Cup & Saucer's Vege Quiche.

Coconut juice was so refreshing cool and tasting!

Coconut sashimi was very good with soy sauce.

Vege Quiche had bunch of Spinach inside and delicious.

This might be a Guam kind of lunch that I had. LOL.

After Lunch, next point was Spanish Bridge near the Hagatna Boat Basin. It's near the Hava Java Cafe also. The river part is dried up now.

You go more further toward to Boat Basin side, you will get to the Chamorro Village.

Sightseeing in Hagatna Map

Here is a helpful Hagatna Trail Map that you can use as below link.

Sightseeing in Hagatna Map by Hagatna Trail Map at
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