Roast Beef Steak

If you are looking for a restaurant for Roast Beef Steak, give it a try at Main Restaurant.

If you are in a mood of eating Roast Beef, try Main Restaurant's Roast Beef Steak!

If you are in a mood of eating Roast Beef, try Main Restaurant's Roast Beef Steak at Guam Reef Hotel.

As you see above, menu A is 180g (6oz) for $16.00, menu B is 270g (9.5 oz) for $23.00 and menu C is 360g (12.5oz) for $29.00.

It comes with Mashed Potato, Green Salad, Soup, Steamed Rice and Bread.

Here is their salad, green salad.

Then Soup, soup of the day was Shrimp Chowder.

We also ordered side dishes. Here is Macaroni Cheese. When this dish came to our table, everyone said like "Wow, that's a big!"

Cheesy, hot and yummy yummy!

Next one was Meat Sauce Doria. This had a little too much rice and little less meat sauce.

But when my friend went there and had same thing, he had lots of meat sauce almost like too much meat sauce for him... ??

So maybe it depends on a cook on that day...

Smoked Salmon! This is always awesome! This can't be go wrong.

We ordered also Tuna Poki. Main style didn't have seaweed nor rock salt but still had a good taste.

This is another Salmon dish, Grilled Salmon Tartar Sauce. It included grilled potato, broccoli, onion, fresh lettuce, Olive, and Red Kidney Bean.

I love Salmon! Salmon is always good.

Here is what we are waiting for...

Baboom! This is what we are waiting for the night!!!

I hope you can see kind of difference of 3 that we ordered for the night.

We ordered all 3 menu. Menu B was huge to me, I thought that was menu C. If you are meat love go for C menu or menu B but if you want to enjoy steak and other side orders, Menu A is good enough volume.

General info:

Open Hours: 6:00pm - 9:30pm Monday~Sunday *No Holidays

                   (Steak House only opens at night)

Website: Main Restaurant
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