Ritidian Beach

One of the Guam's most beautiful beaches is Ritidian Beach.

It's located tip of north side of Guam.

Water is always clear and also one of healing spot.

From the sea, you will get there after you pass Double Reef point.

Sorry, guys. I don't have a good photo yet, because I haven't been there for a while and I don't want to scratch bottom of my car.

Yes, road to there is not that good condition.

If you are renting SUV, your car will be okay but any type of low ride car will be messed up when you drive there.

Iit will take about 30 minutes from Tumon hotel road area.

Winter time such as December til February, ocean condition would be rough most of the time. There are strong rip current, so if you go there for swimming, snorkeling. Don't forget to have a life jacket on.

Out side of reef is more rough.

When there are 9ft rip current, park will be closed. You can call Guam National Wildlife Refuge Office (phone: 671-355-5096) and find out if it is open or not for that day.

A officer who answered were very friendly and helpful to my question about the beach use. He also said "Be cautious when you go in the water for your safety."

How they determine to close the beach or not is they check how high the wave is that day. 9ft is the decision making height of wave. Here is how you can check by yourself if you can't get a hold of the office.

Website: Pacific IOOS Wave Buoy

General info:

Guam National Wildlife Refuge
Dededo, Guam 96912
Tel: (671) 355-5096

Direction to Ritidian Beach

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