Proa Hagatna

You can't get a reservation at Proa Tumon, don't worry Proa Hagatna can be your second choice.

Proa Hagatna for lunch

Restaurant Proa is one of Guam Restaurants that you should try, but they are so popular, it's too late to make a reservation at Proa Tumon when you get to Guam. Still you can go there as Walk-In to Tumon location.

But Consider going Proa Hagatna branch once instead...

It's more spacious there, maybe three time more bigger than Proa Tumon....

And I could make a reservation at lunch time 12:00ish on one Tuesday.

I called them at 11:00 am on same day. I still be able to have seats reserved as I requested. :-) How wonderful. Staff that answered my call was also nice and helpful.

They also have plenty parking space around the restaurant.

On that day, our choice of appetizer was Hibachi Chicken Taco.

Hibachi chicken, red rice with Crispy fried wan tan. Yummy, Yummy.

My choice for lunch was Parrot fish special. It was crispy on the outside and soft inside. Lemon sauce was perfect accent. I could take a little bit more Pika. It was so crispy I could eat some of the bone. LOL.

Good for my bone. :-D

This is my friend's choice, Proa's famous Hibachi BBQ. She was in a mood of eating beef and she requested to have just this instead of BBQ Trio. She shared a piece of it with me. Finadeni sauce was delicious, too.

This is other friend's choice, Rib-eye Steak with mash potatoes, steamed carrot, broccoli, bukchoy. Yummy, Yummy.

Dessert that we all ate was their delicious Banana Cream Pie. If you have more big appetite, you can try more heavy dessert like Cheese Cake, etc. Our waiter, Gerald told us a list of desserts. I hardly remembered all. But he was a very friendly and helpful waiter.

They also have Deli area, so you can just order dessert to go.

From Tumon it will take about 15 minutes by car. By taxi, approximately it costs $35.00 to $40.00 depends on where your hotel is.

If you take a bus to go there, you can get off at Chamorro Village Bus Stop. Proa is right across from Chamorro Village.

Red Bus has Chamorro Shuttle Bus for $10.00 round trip per person.

Proa Hagatna General Info:

Open: 11:00 am to 3:00pm, 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Location: 178 West Soledad Avenue, Hagatna, Guam 96910

Phone: (671) 477-PROA (7762)

Website: I saw their website couple times but now I can't find...

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