We miss
the Nautilus Guam Tour!

We went to the Nautilus Guam Tour in 2006. My daughter was so excited to see lots of fish!

At that time my daughter, Reina, was 6 years old. She liked to swim but she was a little bit scared to swim in the ocean. So this was very good experience for her to see all the fish underwater without saying,
"Mommy, fish is going to eat me. I am scared!!"
As we rode the shuttle boat to the Nautilus Guam, Reina looked a little nervous. But when we arrived at the Nautilus, she was excited to get started.

The viewing windows in the Nautilus were large and clear. It was very easy to see many fish.

We saw many fish, but most of the fish were on the side where a diver was feeding them. After we all finish watching the diver feed the fish, the staff called us to go outside for snorkeling.

The whole time I snorkeled, Reina rode on my back.She kept saying out loud, "Mommy, I am scared. The fishes are coming! I am scared!"
Then she would laugh, and scream when the fish would tickle her feet.

After we enjoyed snorkeling together.It was time to leave Nautilus Semi Submersible vessel.

We were transferred back by the shuttle boat and headed back to the dock.We ate a snack that they served on the way back.

One of the boat staff began to make balloon animals and passed them to all the kids that were on the boat. We had a very good time that day.

When we found out that they had to close down in January 2009, we were very disappointed. We hope they reopen in the near future.

We are now looking forward to go on the Atlantis Submarine someday soon!If you go on the Atlantis Submarine tour before us, please share your experience on my site!

Atlantis Submarine info: 671-477-4166, open everyday, 8 tours a day.

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