March Chamorro Month

March Chamorro Month! Viva Chamorro!!!

Marchi is Chamorro Month. So some places have events related Chamorro Culture.

There was introduction of Chamorro foods and dance show at Guam Reef Hotel 3 times in March.

They displayed Papaya, pumpkin, egg plant, sweet potato, okura, green beans, hot pepper, calamansi, squash, atis (sugar apple)

They cooked banana donuts right there in the lobby and serve to the guests. They were very sample size banana donuts. Banana donuts is regular daily snack for local. It's very simple but tastes very good.

I remember I used to buy a huge banana donuts for my snack on the boat when I was working on the dolphin watching boat as a part time. That Banana donut was almost same size as my fist.

You can find banana donuts at gas station store, too.

Tortilla is also Guam's famous food. Thick one is like pancake it is good for breakfast. It has a little sweet taste to it.

Right side of the picture is Corn Tortilla. It's good with Kelaguen.

If you don't know what is Kalaguen, Click here to see Kalaguen Menu
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