How many Guam Beaches
are there?

"How many Guam beaches are there?"
You will be surprised how many beaches this tiny 212 square miles island, Guam has.
There are over 40 beaches! Maybe more... !


I think you have to come back again and again to explore these Guam beaches. :-)

Although there are some beaches that are located in restricted areas or private properties, there are still many beaches accessible to everyone.
I'd like to give you some information about the beaches that I found.
I hope this information will help you on your Guam vacation in the near future.


Here are four maps of Guam that I've made.

These maps are divided to north side, central west side, south west side, and south east side.

My Guam maps have names of the beaches and symbols next them that will
help you to know a little more getting to the beaches and what they have to offer.
I will write a little more about our experiences and memories
that my family and I have had at some of these Guam Beaches.
Here is an explanation of the symbols I have added to
the maps I have made showing the many Guam Beaches.

It means that you can go there by car.

It means that you can walk there.

It means that you can visit that beach by boat.

It means that there is a place to eat.

It means that there is a bathroom.

It means that there is a bar.

It means that you can drive near the beach and wald the rest of the way.

It means that it's restricted or private property.

Northwestern side


Double Reef Beach
Haputo Beach

Central West side


Gun Beach, Ypao Beach, Asan Beach

South West side


South East side


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