Jeff's Pirates Cove

Jeff's Pirates Cove is a good place to have lunch when you are on the south side sightseeing drive or trip.

After we visited Tagachang Beach we stopped by Jeff's Pirates Cove for quick bite for lunch.

Pirates signs were everywhere there. :-)

It's restaurant but they have lots of souvenirs to buy. I found t-shirts for ladies which was not so pirates nest to pirates shirt for men. LOL.

They sells...

items from t-shirts, shot glasses, coffee mug cups, drink warmer, beer mug glass, flasks, postcards, Jeff's pepper grinders, salt grinders, hot sauces, foodies, wood curving and many more.

Last time we stopped by, they didn't have this variety on the menu. So that is nice they have many wonderful menu to choose from now.

But We weren't in the mood of eating meat that lunch time and we almost pass by there but I noticed they had some vegetarian dish on the menu.

So We ordered Ferafel Greek Garden Salad which is Deep Fried Garbanzo Bean on the delicious Greek Garden Salad with Pita Bread.

My husband and I shared this plate but still it filled our stomach pretty well. :-)

You can have a seat inside or outside but both seating have nice breath all time. We sat near the beach side. We could see their little basket court, sandy area and swimming area.

Swimming area was designated with buoys near the channel was at.

Sometimes this channel has very strong current, so be very careful swimming there or stay in the safety zone for swimming.

Event at Jeff's Pirates Cove

There was (7th annual) Guam Luna Festival of Creative Arts at Jeff's Pirates Cove again on Sunday, October 25th, 2015, noon to 8:00 pm. They encouraged everybody to come in costume. YES, IN COSTUME. There is no other event like this event. That would be fun to experience. Check their site for how the festival looked like last year 2015. Luna Festival
I found the video that Michelle Pier who operates Luna Festival on Guam having an interview with KUAM 3 years ago

Jeff's Pirates Cove General Info:

Open hours: Monday - Saturday: 8am to 6pm, Sunday: 8am to 7pm

Location: #111 Route 4 Ipan, Talofofo, Guam

Phone number: (671) 789-2683 (COVE)
Togo Orders : (671) 789-8646 (TOGO)

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