Hilton Guam
I still remember
how romantic that night was

The Hilton Guam Resort & Spa has been very good to us.
The Pool area has a lot of space to relax and play.
There is a water basketball and volleyball you can play with other guests which is a great way to meet a new friend.
My daughter enjoys the water slide and I enjoy the Jacuzzi, which over looks Tumon Bay.
This is also the place that my husband now, asked me out on our first date under the moonlight by the ocean.
I still remember how romantic that night was.

Eat at the Hilton

After that date night, the Hilton Guam hotel has became one of the special places we enjoy in Guam. We use the Hilton Guam for our staycation instead of vacation now days.
Dining at the Hilton is wonderful. We love the Islander Terrace Buffet Restaurant.
They serve different food every day, such as Steak & Lobster night on Monday, Asian night on Tuesday, Mexican Night on Wednesday, Pacific Rim Night on Thursday, Seafood Night on Friday, Texas BBQ Night on Saturday & International Cuisine on Sunday Night.

In November 2009, we enjoyed a special Hokkaido Lobster Night.
I still remember it. We got there at 7:30 pm on the last day of the Hokkaido Lobster Fair, and I learned a good lesson.
We should have gone at the beginning of the Hokkaido Lobster Nights and earlier.
Because the particular crab that I wanted to try was all gone by the time we got there.
But we still enjoyed the rest of the crab legs and the Seafood from Hokkaido.

My husband really enjoyed the seafood that night. When he was finished,
We asked him, "Are you okay?"
"I am sorry, but I can't help it. The food made me so full and is making me very sleepy…"
he answered with his eyes halfway closed.

We were glad that we didn’t have to carry him home. Ha ha ha!
They also have Roy’s Restaurant and a new seafood restaurant, Fisherman’s Cove.

Stay at the Executive Room

We tried both the regular room and the executive room at the Hilton Guam.
We liked the executive room better, because the bed in the executive room
was much more comfortable than the bed in the regular room, according to my husband.
The bed in the regular room was to firm for him to have a good night sleep.
He always had a good night sleep in executive room.

Another good thing about staying in the executive room is that breakfast and dinner is included even drinks and alcoholic beverages.
It's not a big buffet style like downstairs in the Islander Terrace, but there was a good food there (to us at least).
There were fresh fruits, yogurts, bread/rolls, cereals, cheeses, ham, and egg, etc for breakfast.
Their foods at the executive lounge for dinner are mostly finger food, hot and cold, easy to eat and tasty. We always enjoyed a snack and some drinks.

I also like the view from the room. It's too bad that I forgot to take a photo when I stayed.

Pools at the Hilton

We love their pools.
And they have 3 different Pools and Jacuzzi one of their pools over look the beautiful ocean.
While our daughters were playing on the water slide, daddy was relaxing by the pool.
The pools are not too big or too small.
They are great for a family with young energetic kids.
My children are always energetic whenever they are on vacation.
How about yours? They want to stay at the pool or the beach all day long.
When that happens the food from the Tree Bar by the pool comes handy.
We love their Curry Rice and a Burger for kids.

Snack at Hilton Guam 24/7

Another thing that I like about the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa is the Coffee shop.
They have, because their coffee shop, Caffe Cino is open 24 hours.
If you are hungry at midnight you can just go downstairs and grab the ham & cheese sandwich, a little Danish, an ice cream, or a cup of hot cocoa.
My husband's favorite sandwich is the Salmon Sandwich.
He kept ordered it until he got tired of it. :-)

New Caffe Cino opened January 2016!!!

Check out New Hilton Caffe Cino

Business Center at the Hilton

One more thing that I like about the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa is their business Center on the first floor, if you have your own laptop, you can get FREE wireless Internet at the business center.

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