Hilton Caffe Cino

Hilton Caffe Cino renewal opened this january 2016!

It's been a while since I visited Hilton Guam. I was very surpriced how they renovated lobby caffe area!

They totally remodeled Caffe Cino and made more nice cafe area.

They took the Hotel Caffee shop to the next level!

Even you don't stay at Hilton, you might want to use this cafe to enjoy one afternoon during your vacation on Guam.

This white table has outlet built in, so whoever can sit and use internet with their laptop, ipad whatever device.

Or you can have a little meeting by having nice coffee from cafe.

Window side seating area has more relaxing atmosphere.

They still open 24 hours for everybody.

They officially opened January 15, 2016.

More detail please visit

General info about Hilton Caffe Cino

Opens: 24 hours

Features: a new function room, which is designed for private gatherings or meetings. It holds up to a max of 100 to 40 seats with different set ups to cater to every event.

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