Please help Tim Rock to publish
"Hidden Treasures, Guam's Marine Preserves,"
the Beautiful Guam Photo Book!

Dear Visitors,

Please Help Tim, everybody!

"Who?", you said?
I tell you who he is and why I am mentioning about him.

I want you to help Tim Rock for his new photo book.
He is one of the great photographers who lives on Guam.
He takes amazing marine photos inside and out of Beautiful Guam's Ocean.
He is also one of my favorite photographers that I admire.

I just found out couple days ago that he has been working on publishing another amazing Photo Book. It's still in the process of distributing on the market. The theme is Guam's Marine Preserves. And he needs help.

I can help him a little bit. But my help is a very little.

But if he has this little helps from anywhere and every where, he can publish this beautiful photo book, "Hidden Treasures, Guam's Marine Preserves", very soon.

Please take a look the detail of his project by clicking the sticker below.

You can see some of his beautiful pictures when you click the sticker below, video version.

He said on the,
"Surrounded by an azure sea, the island of Guam in Western Micronesia is blessed with one of the world’s richest coral reef marine environments. It thrives with more than 900 fish species and nearly 400 kinds of corals. This great natural biodiversity attracts divers from all over Asia and worldwide. Guam’s historic past includes shipwrecks and remnants from WWII, WWI and even the gold-bearing Manila Galleon trading days. The island is a real treasure chest for undersea explorers."

WOW.... I was very surprised about that fact.
Go ahead click it and explore it.

Hurry, project period is less than a month now as of today, July 14, 2011.

I hope you will help him by becoming one of the backer of his project, too. Thank you in advance.

Well, He published the beautiful Guam Photo Book! And you can purchase in store at Fisheye Marine Park, Piti.

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