Hava Java Cafe

Hava Java Cafe is located near Agana Boat Basin at Hagatna Village.

When you visit around Hagatna area, stop by for quick bite during your sightseeing around there.

If you get off the red trolley bus going to Hagatna at Chamorro Village Bus Stop, it's about couple minutes distance from there.

Just walk toward south side from the bus stop just like going to Agana Boat Basin (Marina), then cross the street at the traffic light near the Boat Basin. It's 4th building from the traffic light if I am not mistaken.

It's right after the Mermaid Tavern is at.

You will see the Spanish Bridge on the right hand side on the way there.

Hava Java Cafe for lunch time

When I went inside, there was a cozy couch at the corner with a big coffee painting caught my eyes.

If I were just to have coffee and enjoy spending time there to rest my feet, I would sit there right away.

But I was just wanting to have a quick bit for my lunch, I took a regular table.

Deli-Style Sandwich of your choice!

I chose Deli-style Vegetarian Sandwich for my lunch today. Their Deli-Sandwiches come with a free side of Cole Slow and FREE all-you-can-drink Iced Coffee or Iced Tea.

I usually pick coffee but I was in a mood of Tea today. They had a sheet of paper that lists of ingredient that I can request in my sandwich, such as choice of bread, choice of veggies, choice of meat, choice of dressings, choice of cheese.

Ice tea was unsweetened that was just what I liked.

Cole Slow was good, I wanted to have a little more.

My veggie sandwich was delicious but after I ate I realized that I forgot to request cheese!!! LOL.

They also have yummy yummy pastries. Next visit I will try one or two of them.

General Info:

Location: 148 Spinall Avenue, Hagatna, Guam

Phone: (671) 477-0600

Open hours: Monday through Thursday 6:30 am - 5:00 pm

                   Friday & Saturday             6:00 am - 6:00 pm

                   Sunday                            7:30 am - 5:00 pm

Website: Hava Java Cafe