Haputo Beach,
small version of Tumon Bay

Haputo Beach, according to the author of "Caves and Karst of Guam," Danko Taborosi, looks like a small version of Tumon Bay.
And I say, "Exactly, Danko!"

In the book, “Caves and Karst of Guam,” page 73, there is a much better photograph of it than one I have taken.

I highly recommend that if you are planning to explore some of Guam's more remote beaches that you purchase Danko's field guidebook called, "Caves and Karst of Guam." I think you will find the information very helpful to you. As you explore some of Guam's Secret Beauty.

And is one of the very beautiful beaches on the northwestern coast of Guam.

But unfortunately it is located on Military property and is inaccessible to all, but Military personal, even by boat. :-(

My husband, RJ who grew up on Guam, says that when he was younger he had many memorable experiences there, camping and fishing.

And the beach also had a nickname, Bare Ass Beach, because it was a very secluded location and a great place for nude sun bathing and swimming back in the 70's.

Prior to the 9/11 tragedy boat access was not restricted but now even by boat you cannot land on the beach unless you have a military pass.

There are also several ancient Chamorro Latte stone sites in the jungle area surrounding there.

Here is my picture that I took from the air when I rode on a helicopter. Sorry, my picture is not showing much of the beach.

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