Thinking about
Guam Vacations?

When you thought about Guam vacations, first question you had was...

"Where is Guam?"

Wasn't it?

This little paradise located in the Western Pacific Ocean. Guam is the largest island in the Marianas Island chain and the western most territory of the United States.

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Fly to Guam
There is only one airport the Won Pat International Airport. You can book your flight with Continental, Delta, or Northwest Airlines.
There are other airlines that service Guam that you can use depending on where you are.

It’s only takes about 3 and a half hours from Japan, 7 and a half hours from Hawaii, and about 14 hours from San Francisco to enjoy Guam Vacations.

Occasionally cruise ships such as the Princess Cruise line and the Queen Mary 2 make calls in Guam.

Where to Sleep?

Hotel Accommodations are very important things on your Guam Vacations for our family such as prices, locations, what amenities include, and so on.

Many of Guam hotels are located along Tumon Bay.
The most expensive hotels are located on the beach.
There are many less expensive hotels also located in Tumon
that are convenient for shopping.

There are also many smaller and less expensive motels and Inns
located in different parts of the island and near the Airport.

Renting a car on Guam

Renting a car on Guam is also a fun way to explore the island. You can make your own schedule and I recommend that you pick up a road map of Guam.

You can find them at any of the hotels on Guam. Driving through the southern part of Guam is beautiful this part of
Guam is largely undeveloped. Villages such as Umatac haven't
changed much for the last 75 years. You will find the people are very
friendly and eager to show you special things about the village that they are from.
They are also willing to help you if you have car trouble or get lost.

Guam's climate

Guam's climate is tropical and warm throughout the year with less humidity
in the dry season (November through March).
In the rainy season (April to October), humidity is higher making
Guam seem hotter. This is also Guam's storm season. The average temperatures in Guam are around 86F (27C) during the day and about 76F(20C) at night.

What to do on Guam Vacations?

You can do many Guam activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, dolphin watching, fishing, helicopter tours, skydiving, hiking and many more.

Guam has numerous beautiful dive spots all around the island. Some people say Guam's underwater visibility is better than Hawaii's
and the water temperature in Guam is very comfortable for diving.

If you are not comfortable with scuba diving , you can try these other Guam Activities…

* Guam Kayaking

* Guam Beach walking or sun bathing

* Guam snorkeling

* Going on the Submersible Vessel Tour

You can do snorkeling from a boat or from the beach. Either way you are sure to see many beautiful tropical fish and corals that abound in Guam's ocean.

Fishing on Guam can be fun and exciting whether you are bottom fishing
or trolling for big Marlins. I like Bottom Fishing.
But if you are interested in catching bigger fish such as Marlins,
Yellow fin Tuna, or Giant Trevally, then a trolling or casting tour is for you. But even just riding on the boat is relaxing and fun.
The Ocean in Guam is the most beautiful blue I have ever seen.

Guam Shopping

Some people come just for Guam Shopping. There are many Duty Free Shops including the main Duty Free located in the heart of Tumon.
Sometimes there are big sales such as 70% off on famous brand. But there are many other places to shop besides Duty Free.

If you have time to explore you will find many interesting stores
and gift shops such as Tropical Living and Guam Premium Outlets.

From Air

You can enjoy the beauty of Guam from the air serviced by Americopters.
Guam Landscape is so beautiful.
You can try half island tour or whole island tour.
You have to try it while you are there.

What to eat on Guam?

Guam Restaurants are also fun to explore.
You can try various types of food within 10 to 15 minutes from your hotel.

Guam has many really good Japanese restaurants I love Japanese food although I've started to like Spicier foods such as Thai and Vietnamese.

You should also try the local Guam foods available at the Chamorro Village Wednesday Night Market in Hagatna. That's pure local food there.
If you have a chance to attend a local Guam Fiesta, don’t miss it.
You will be able to try so many different local foods that you will not find anywhere else.

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