Guam Seawalker Tour

Guam Seawalker is the pioneer on helmet diving tou on Guam!

Seawalker is for child to elder whoever is healthy to be able to dive such as age from 8 to 80 years old.

Breathing style is totally normal just like you breath right now.

You don't have to have any diving skill to try.

You watch a short instruction video and you are good to go under water. That easy!

No, I am not mistakenly put this photo above.

On the way to Fisheye Observatory there is Guam Seawalker pontoon on the left hand side.

Seawalker is located 2 locations, one is at Fisheye Marine Park in Piti Village and the other is at Cocos Island.

I recommend Fisheye location as several reasons...

  1. It's closer to Hotel in Tumon Village. (about 30 minutes by bus)
  2. Dive location is deeper than Cocos Island location.
  3. You can see many fish and bigger fish.

Guam Seawalker at Piti Location

OMG! I was like a kid who was excited to dive for the first time when I tried it. As helmet diving, my face never got wet.

There might be many people in your round, so at least several dives in one round. (They have 4 rounds usually, pick up starts from 7:30~ for first round, 9:30 ~ for second, 11:15 ~ for third, and 13:15 ~ for last round.)

If you are assigned on 2nd dive or later dive on your round, you will be able to try kayaking or snorkeling first while you wait for your turn to dive.

One concern for ladies, if you dive after you try snorkeling...

Make sure you comb your hair before your turn to dive, because you will get to be in a picture like me. You don't want to be taken photo with messy hair, right??   :) LOL. You can purchase individual photo or group photo. I like both. If you are one of member of big group like 7,8,9,10 or more, group photo is hit or miss due to far shot and too much air bubble in the photo sometimes. Small group photo like 3~4 people should be fine. They will take many photos and will pick the best one for you. You will not be able to see your photo data on the pontoon due to cameraman is still taking photos of other group underwater.

You can also purchase video in DVD for your memory. Video crew take order from you on the pontoon. You can view the video footage right after your dive.

After the dive, you might feel cold due to your body is wet, so make sure you bring a towel with you when you book. A bigger towel is better.

There are only cold iced tea and cold iced water on the pontoon.

General Info

Reservation and more information
☎ : (671)477-3830  Fax: (671)477-3848
E-mail :

Website: Seawalker's Facebook page
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