You can enjoy Guam's nature at Guam Faifai Beach.

You can enjoy Guam's nature at Guam Faifai Beach.

It is past Gun Beach. You walk through a little narrow trail by the ocean then you see the beautiful open beach and ocean.

You can try nature walk to see one of Guam caves.

It's amazing to see what nature can make such a awesome shapes.

I wish I could catch that in my picture but I am not a pro….

You can see with your eyes on your next trip to Guam.

No rushing to do activities, no noise of traffic or anything, just sound of wave and wind blowing through palm trees and jungle behind.

They serve a simple buffet for lunch, BBQ rib, chicken, salad and rice.

After lunch they had a dance show. It was fun we could participate the dance.

My daughter was too shy to join it though…

But she didn't mind to take a photo with a dancer.

Update info about Guam Faifai Beach

I have a sad news to share with you... :(

Unfortunately Guam Faifai Beach closed their operation early 2017...

So sad....

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We could see Coconut grating demonstration, too.

After grating coconut, they made coconut candy with it.

It was a good sweet after the lunch.

Then we went to nature walking in the jungle.

There was a natural cave inside of Guam Faifai Beach.

I hope you can see the cave looks like from the pictures that we took.

We saw Latte Stone also there, it was a high light of this nature walking.

After walking we went to the shade by the beach and rest in the afternoon.

It was very nice way to spend time on Guam.