"Something is happening
every month on Guam!
Check out Guam Events."

I usually pick up local magazines to check any current Guam events when I arrive there.There are several magazines at every major hotel lobby. And it's free to take. So why not use it, right?

Guam has a very unique
village party called, "FIESTA".

The fiesta is a popular Guam events that people on Guam share their culture with guests.You can feel their hospitality.There are lots of, lots of food every fiesta. You can taste a true local food such as Barbecued chicken and rib, Kelaguen made by combining minced chicken, beef or shrimp with lemon juice,coconut and hot peppers. Don't forget to use dipping sauce called "finadene"when you eat BBQ meats. It is made with red hot peppers, onions and vinegar or soy sauce.

January: Tumon Fiesta, Chalan Pago Fiesta, Mongmong Fiesta
February: Maina Fiesta, Yigo Fiesta
March: Inarahan Fiesta
April: Barrigada Fiesta (4/9/2011)

Inarajan Fiesta (5/1/2011),
Merizo Fiesta (5/7/2011),
Malojloj Fiesta (5/14/2011),
Santa Rita Fiesta(5/28/2011)

Tamuning Fiesta (6/18/2011),
Ordot Fiesta (6/25/2011)

July: Agat Fiesta (7/16, 7/17, & 7/30/2011)
Tamuning Fiesta (8/6, 2011),
Piti Fiesta (8/13/2011),
Barrigada Fiesta (8/20/2011),
Agat Fiesta (8/27/2011)
Hagatna Fiesta (9/10/2011),
Talofofo Fiesta (9/17/2011)
Dededo Fiesta (9/18/2011)
Mangilao Fiesta (9/24 & 9/25/2011)

October: Yona Fiesta, Umatac Fiesta, Sinajana Fiesta
November: Agana Heights Fiesta
Dededo Fiesta (12/4/2011),
Asan Fiesta

It seems that this Guam Events' dates (sometimes month) change a little bit year by year.
If you want to find out exact date of Fiesta, here is the contact list of Mayor's Office.

Agat Mayor's Office:1-671-565-2524
Asan Mayor's Office:1-671-472-6581
Barrigada Mayor's Office:1-671-734-3859/3737
Chalan Pago/Ordot Mayor's Office:1-671-472-8302/477-1333
Dededo Mayor's Office:1-671-632-5203/5019
Hagatna Mayor's Office:1-671-472-6379/477-8045
Inarajan Mayor's Office:1-671-475-2509-12
Mangilao Mayor's Office:1-671-734-2163
Merizo Mayor's Office:1-671-828-8312
Mongmong/Toto/Maite Mayor's Office:1-671-477-6758/9090
Piti Mayor's Office:1-671-472-1232/3
Santa Rita Mayor's Office:1-671-565-2514/4337
Sinajana Mayor's Office:1-671-472-6707/477-3323
Talafofo Mayor's Office:1-671-789-1421/3262/4821/6671
Tamuning/Tumon Mayor's Office:1-671-646-5211
Umatac Mayor's Office:1-671-828-2940/8252/58
Yigo Mayor's Office:1-671-653-5248/9446
Yona Mayor's Office:1-671-789-4798/1525/6


This is also one of the big food Guam Events, called "Taste Guam", hosted by Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association."Taste Guam" offers local produce exciting cooking demonstrations.There is some competition at the place, cooking demonstration stage there,Dessert Section competitions for the People's Choice Award. Admission fee is free.And it held one of hotels in Tumon, so when you have a chance, go try some delicious food.Don't forget to purchase coupon to try the food and beverages.

This year is their 4th event and will be at Hyatt Regency Guam on Saturday, June 4th, 2011.For more date information at Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association.


Dessert lovers can't miss this event.This is one of a big Guam's Food Entertainment.This year's 14th Annual event will be Saturday, October 1, 2011 at Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort.Time: 6:00 pm to 10:00 pmMMMMM, Yummy, Yummy.


This is one of my favorite Guam Events. It is a celebration of the island cultures, arts, and entertainments of the entire Micronesia region. This will be held for 3 days every mid October.I like to see lots of fine island jewelries and arts there at Ypao Beach Park.


Guam's most tourists are coming from Japan.So lots of Japanese live on Guam as well, and they started Autumn Festival about 30 years ago.It got very popular even though it's not Guam cultural thing. That's another Guam's hospitality spirit, I guess.You can enjoy authentic Japanese foods, toys and games there.The event starts from late in the afternoon until night at Ypao Beach Park.Admission is free but you have to buy coupon to purchase food and beverages.

My daughter, Reina, likes to try game such as catching golden fish, water ball and so on.I like to enjoy Japanese fine cuisines. Yummy Yummy,again. ;)

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