"It's so hard to choose which of
my favorite Guam Beaches
is the best."

It's so hard to choose the best one of my favorite Guam Beaches.
But I will write about a few beaches that you can easily
explore while you are visiting Guam.

Favorite Guam Beaches 1: Ypao Beach

(aka Governor Joseph F. Flores Beach Park)

One of my favorite Guam beaches is Ypao Beach.
Ypao Beach is very close to many hotels in Tumon Bay where most of the major hotels are.
You can get there by car 5 to 10 minutes.
If you don’t rent a car, you can still get there by trolley bus.
(But this one takes a bit more time because the bus stops at every hotel in between.) And get off at

GVB Bus Stop. And just walk down toward to ocean side.
This beach is a part of the Tumon Bay Marine Preserve Area.
And it is open to the public. It is a great place to do snorkeling or have a picnic.

Fish and marine life
are very plentiful.
White sand beach goes all around Tumon Bay. You can do sun bathing, too.
I love just sitting and read my book by the beach.

But when I have my daughter with me which is always, she wants to do snorkeling.
Because we can see lots of beautiful tropical fish and corals within a minute from shore.

Or she wants to do walking on the beach to find beautiful shells.
When we look for shells, we walk like old old people, bend down,
walk really slow and look down and look down and keep looking down more until we find shell.
When I do this my back hurts but the reward is worth it most of the time. :)

Ypao Beach is also a park with a large open fields and play areas for children.
This park holds many events all year round, like "Island Fair", "Japanese Autumn Festival", etc.

Important thing! One of the great things about this beach park is the bathrooms are very clean,
complete with showers and changing area.

Favorite Guam Beaches 2: Gun Beach

Another favorite Guam beach is Gun Beach.
It is located on the north side of Tumon Bay next to Guam Nikko Hotel.
This name came from is because the beach has a large Japanese gun left over form WWII.
If facing the ocean, the gun would be located on the far right side near the cliff line.
Now it's one of good beaches to hang out, or diving and snorkeling are very popular here.
Diving and snorkeling area is located out side the reef line,
so be very careful and check sea conditions before going beyond the reef.

This beach is one of my special beaches because I took diving lesson there.

In the course, I had to take off my mask underwater and swim out to where my instructor was at.
When I did that my heart was pounding so hard.
I was so glad that I past the test, because I didn't want to do that process again.
But it was a great experience and practice for safe scuba diving.

In the early morning, you might have a chance to see a Manta Ray.
They are known to frequent the area. But use caution, I recommend,
if you are not a strong swimmer, to wear a life jacket and always snorkel or dive with buddy for safety.

In the summertime, you can see pods of dolphins there also.
Gun Beach is one of the dolphin's favorite spots.

This beach is also known as one of the best locations for taking sunset photos.

Favorite Guam Beaches 3: Asan Beach

This beach is located in the WWII historical beach park.
Instead of snorkeling, I like to go here to relax.

This beach park has huge field also. There are some annual events here at the park, Such as Easter egg hunts, Kite day Festival, and Kids Fishing Derbies, etc.

They have clean tables and BBQ pits near the beach, so it’s a great place to have a picnic. Their bathrooms are also clean.

It's about 15 minutes to get there from Tumon Bay by car. (You need to have a rent-a-car, because the trolley doesn't go there.)

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