Fresh Sweet Corn

If you are really really super lucky, stop by Ernesto's Fresh Sweet Corn truck.

It is probably hard to get a chance to meet Ernesto and buy his corns on your Guam Vacation, but I have to write about this.

I met him last February or around that time...

I was going home one day and noticed a sign said "Sweet Corn," so I pulled over and bought them.

When I was going to pay him, he said, "Ma'am, I have to warn you. It's very addictive."

I was like, wow he seemed to be very confident about his products.

Sure enough, when my daughter and I had a bite of it.

My daughter said to me, "Mom, you've got to go back and get some more. It's so fresh, so sweet. I've never had a corn like this before!!!"

Yes, I went back and got some more bags.

If you are really lucky to find his fresh Sweet Corns...

He sells them by the road, usually near the National Guard Readiness Center in Barrigada when it's harvest.

This year again, I saw his truck at same place that I saw him last year.

I bought 4 bags this time, because I didn't know when I was going to see him again. LOL.

So if you are rally really lucky to find his truck at Barrigada sometime in February or around that month, make sure to pull over your rent-a-car and buy some and enjoy the taste of freshness.

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