How long does it take to
fly to Guam?

"How long does it take to fly to Guam from….?"

Well, for example…
Guam is 1567 miles (2521.842 kilometers) away from Japan where I came from.
It takes about 3 and a half hour to get to Guam from most airports in Japan.
With the exception of Sapporo Airport in Hokkaido which takes 4 hours and 35 minutes.

From other places…

From San Francisco, Guam is 6195 miles (9969.886 kilometers) away.
It takes about 14 hours to 15 hours by airplane with one stop.
It will take longer if your flight stops in Los Angeles.

From Hawaii, Guam is 3801 miles (6117.116 kilometers) away.
It takes about 7 hours and 45 minutes by airplane.

From Hong Kong, Guam is 2116 miles (3405.371 kilometers) away.
It takes about 4 and a half hour by airplane.
The flight ticket that I found at Continental Airlines has nonstop flight.
An off Season ticket is almost $500 cheaper than peak season as I researched, maybe more.

From Sydney, Australia, Guam is 2015 miles (3242.828 kilometers) away.
It is about the same distance as from Hong Kong, but from Sydney it takes more time to get to Guam.
I don't know why.
Shortest travel time that I found on the Internet was 9 hours and 10 minutes with one stop flying with Qantas Airway and Continental Airlines.
Lots of flight plans with two stops take more than 20 hours.

From Philippines, Guam is 1597 miles (2570.122 kilometers) away.
It takes about 3 hours and 40 minutes by Continental Airlines.
Philippine Airlines takes 20 minutes more than Continental Airlines when I checked flight.
I don't know why. On Tuesday and Thursday Philippine Airlines don't have a flight to Guam according to ticketing at Philippine Airline service counter.
So if you prefer using PA make your schedule on any other. Continental Airlines fly daily.

From Korea, Guam is 2040 miles (3283.061 kilometers) away.
It takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes by nonstop flight (on Korean Air).
But going to Guam from Korea, I hardly found a direct flight plan.
When I searched airline schedules for a flight from Korea to Guam, most had one stop in Japan.
So if you choose that route it takes from minimum 7 hours to 16 hours to get to Guam from Korea. The shortest flight that I found from Korea to Guam and back was at
(Researched Summer 2011)

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