Fisheye Marine Park

Fisheye Marine Park Observatory that you see beautiful tropical fish under the sea without getting wet!

Fisheye Marine Park Observatory

This is the way to go especially if you have a small child or you don't want to get wet but want to see fish under the sea.

It's unique style of aquarium, I think. Difference between regular aquariums and this observatory is people are in the box instead of fish are in the box, you know what I am trying to say? What a concept, Amazing idea, fish doesn't have to leave their home!! I love it.

You can see Anemone fish, many kinds of Tangs, Wrasses, etc in the beautiful Piti Bomb Hole which is the Marine Preserve. Sea-life is abundant in this area because it is a wild-life reserve and no fishing is allowed.

The tower stands 71 feet high with its observation decks located 30 feet below sea level.

It is fully air-conditioned and the stroll along the board walk that leads to the observatory is quite nice. .

If you go directly, you can just pay admission fee at the ticketing booth right in front of the gate.

Fee is $12.00 for adult (12 years old and up), $6.00 for child (6 years old to 11 years old) and free under 5 year old.

If you need help of transportation, Approximate one-way taxi fare from Tumon is $40 ~ $45.

Or you can book through your tour agent or call them directly if you don't have a tour agent for your trip.

With a round trip transportation service, Fee is  $39.00 for adult, $20.00 for child. Only 1 tour per day. And included Chamorro Lunch Buffet in this tour. Their lunch buffet is popular to local people, too.

Hotel pick up between 9:45 am to 10:20 am.

Arrival at Fisheye time estimated around 10:35 am.

Observatory viewing starts around 10:35 am.

Then Lunch time at the main facility is around at 11:15 then departs there around 12:10 pm. Hotel return approximately between 12:30 to 1:00 pm.

This tour looks like you can participate even on the day of your last day on Guam if your flight leaving in the afternoon like 4:00 pm.

General info:

Location: Piti, Guam 96915 (approx. 18 minutes from the Tumon Hotels)

Contact: (671) 475-7777


Open: 7days a week

Website: Fisheye Marine Park
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