Dededo Flea Market

Wake Up early on weekend and go to Dededo Flea Market!

Dededo Flea Market is another fun thing to do in early morning on weekend on Guam.

It's different from Wednesday Night Market at Chamorro Village in Hagatna Village.

It's only on weekend, Saturday and Sunday early morning.

From hotels in Tumon, you can take shuttle bus, It costs only $4 for one way and $7 for round trip. Under 6 years old is free. (Bus company is Lam Lam Bus)

But only 2 trip; From Onward Beach Resort 6:00 am departure and 6:15 am departure. It takes about one hour to get to there.

Return bus will leave at Dededo at 8:00 am and 8:15 am.

This day our purpose to go there was to get good ripe tropical fruits and we found them here.

We got very ripe Papaya, a big Sour Sup, and lots of ripe Star Fruits.

We had to go around and around 3 ~4 times to find them, but it was worth it.

Taho at the Market

While we were walking around, I got hungry. So I bought this.

It's a Fresh Tofu and Tapioca with brown sugar syrup called Taho.

Taste is very simple, soft, warm and a little bit of sweetness in it.

And price was only $1.00 per cup! Yummy.

But because of Flea Market concept (?!), the things they were selling were so variety... futon matress, peanuts (seemed from China) and some random stuff.

Without the sign, you will never know they were selling Taho from the distance. This place was very far back at Flea Market. It looked flea market for locals.

People were selling all kinds of things; food, clothes, toys, soaps, fish, fruits, donuts, yakisoba noodles, vegetables, Plants, Electronics and Fresh Coconuts.

Coconuts Demonstration
at Dededo Flea Market

This caught my eyes.  Fresh coconut Sashimi.

The guy behind the table was selling Fresh Coconut Sashimi which was Fresh Coconut with soy sauce and wasabi. Lots of Asian people seems like to eat that way.

Price was $5.00 per Coconut.

He was using young coconut, so meat inside was soft. If I didn't eat Taho, probably I tried this Coconuts Sashimi.

Our Purpose for the day at Market

Today's tropical fruits were all good!!! Taste were good, too.

Sour Sup was very ripe, so I decided to freeze it and make a Sour Sup Iced candy! As It was sooo ripe, skin came off easily. (that was nice) Then I broke parts off and put them into zip lock bags and threw them in the freezer. And wait until it gets frozen.

How's the taste?

It's like yogurt ice cream. It's very refreshing snack for me after all the walk around. LOL.

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