Chinese New Year
Dragon Dance

You can see famous Chinese Dragon Dance on Guam on Chinese New Year Day on beginning of February every year.

There are many Chinese live on Guam, too and they celebrate their new year as well. Dragon Dance is quite unique ceremony.

About Chinese New Year Dragon Dance

Chinese Dragons are a symbol of China, and they believed to bring good luck to people. Japanese has the Lion Dance called Shishimai which came from this Chinese Dragon Dance many years ago and they developed their own style. OMG, I didn't know until I wrote about it!

The Lion dance is usually operated by two dancers. Chinese Dragon Dance is operated by many dancers. Dragon Dance is more loud and more energy to it, I felt.

With that said, of course, Dance started with a very loud sounds of cymbals and gongs and Chinese Drum.

There is one more person with the mask "Laughing Buddha" who is dressed in monk's robes and leads the dragon.

Then Dragon was trying to eat the lettuce that Laughing Buddha was holding with a stick. Eventually Dragon eats the lettuce and then scatters Lettuce leaves on the floor which is a symbol of a fresh start for the new year and the spreading of good luck.

If you want to know about Dragon Dance click here.
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