Chamorro Village
Wednesday Night Market
is a must check out event
on Guam!

Chamorro Village Wednesday Night Market is a must check out event.Chamorro Village holds a night market every Wednesday and it has become very popular to both tourists and locals. It's a real stand out event on Guam!

There are Island Dance shows to see, and you can visit the many souvenir and food stands located throughout the night market.
There is one souvenir stand that sells necklace made out of brown tree snake bones.
The owner of stand told my daughter about each item that he had every time she asked a question.
My daughter was very curious about almost every thing he had at his stand.

Kiko's Handmade jewelry

The Next stand we stopped by was Kiko's stand selling handmade island jewelry made from shells.
He was selling 100% handmade carved shell necklaces, bracelets, and pendants.
They were one of a kind items. My daughter and I found one necklace that caught our eyes.
It was a shell necklace with a double heart pendant engraved with an coconut trees and Guam beach theme.It was ONE OF A KIND!!!

But it was too bad, because we had already spent most of our money before we found that beautiful necklace. Because that necklace was one of a kind, he couldn't guarantee he would have it available at the next night market.
It's first come first service.

Monitor Lizard, Chili

After Kiko's place, we stopped by to see the Monitor Lizard, named "Chili".

A guy comes to the night market each Wednesday with his pet, Monitor Lizard named, Chili.
People love to take pictures with him and pet him. He is so friendly.
This was a first time I've ever seen a tamed Monitor Lizard that wasn't in a cage.
Chili and his owner are always at the same place, between the big dance stage and the food court area.
If you want to meet a friendly Monitor Lizard, go visit Chili at the Wednesday Night Market.

On the way to see Chili, there was one food stand with a very very long line of people.
They must serve really delicious food. I will have to try their food the next time I go there.

This Night Market is always packed and has a friendly island atmosphere.
But it only happens once a week on Wednesday evenings, so make sure your itinerary includes Wednesday night market at the Chamorro Village in Hagatna.

By the way, about that necklace, I must tell you.
we went anyway the following week to check and the necklace was still there.
When we got there he was showing the necklace to another person, but fortunately for us they didn't buy it. So we DID. :-)

Isn't that beautiful?
"Thank you, Kiko!"

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