Asan Beach Trail1

There was Asan Beach trail1 (I call it) behind the memorial...

Let's hike Asan Beach Trail1

It was sunny and good for Kite Boarding to do that day I went to Asan Beach.

Especially winter season such as December, January, February are best to try Kite Boarding and whenever there are strong wind. :-)

Anyway, when I was checking around the beach, beside the kite boarder, one sign caught my eyes.

It was behind the Liberator's Memorial. And I decided to check it out.

Trail was not steep at all and you can get to first point right away. It didn't take even few minutes, I think.

First small hill, there was outlook place on the left hand side. There was a bench facing ocean. When I went there, there were bushes grown little high so, I couldn't see wide view of blue ocean. If it's clear, you can see a beautiful dark blue ocean with white tip 180 degree for sure.

On the right hand side, there was steps going down. It seemed going to the other side of Asan beach. This steps were very steep, so if you visit this side, be careful going down. Hold on tight to the rail! See?

When you get to the bottom, you will find a old bunker that Japanese made when they were here at WWII. Now there are reinforcement to hold the ceiling.

When you pass this bunker, you will get to the beach side.

There are plenty shady area around here, so it was nice to stay for a while in the afternoon. Water looked calm even though outside of reef looked very rough. There were lots of little rocks at the beach side, when you come here to spend time, I recommend to bring some comfy thing to sit. (I saw a form at KMart selling for about $17.00 which was for camping nap back so you don't feel rocks underneath.)

I could see Fisheye Observatory on the left side very far.

The other side, I could see the wave breaking at the reef and funny shape of rocks. LOL.

When you stay here, make sure you don't leave any valuable things in your rent-a-car at the parking. Nothing visible inside the car!! It's very important, especially you are driving a RENT A CAR.

If you have extra stuff you don't want to bring to the beach, make sure put them in the trunk.

Asan Beach Trail1 connects to this exit

When you leave, you can take the same trail or you can take a different way like coming out from here in the picture above.

When you come up to the steps, there are path on the other side forward, that leads you to this way. It's near the bathroom.

There was another path going up the hill. You can read about it on this
War in the Pacific National Historical Park article