War in the Pacific Agat
Acapa Point

War in the Pacific Agat, Acapa Point has also nice beach area.

We visited on weekday, nobody was using the picnic area.

It has nice shady area.

Agat Acapa Point Beach area

This area's sea condition is always calm even in dry season which is between November to February.

This pictures were taken on January 4, 2016.

It was nice water condition for swimming. It's very low tide when we went there. We recommend you to check tide chart before you plan to go to the beach if you can especially summer time.

Summer time tide changes very rapidly.

I like this little island at Acapa Point. It's been like that for so many years. and still it has a little tree on it. :-)

It takes about 30 minutes from Tumon Village by car. There are no tourist bus service going there, so you need to rent a car if you want to visit this point.

It's right before you reach to the Marina Grill Restaurant.

There is folk right before going in to Agat Village, take right hand side road then turn left when you reach another junction.

Near hear there are some other restaurants, donuts shop, gas station, so if you forget to buy for your drive, you do not need to worry. ;)