VIP House Restaurant

VIP House is for people looking for a reasonable price for buffet dinner.

VIP House - Chinese Food

I wasn't really expecting much but I had a good surprise when I visited there.

It is much bigger than the Chinese buffet restaurant at Grand Plaza. It's located in Pacific Bay Hotel right next it.

They also looked like they renovated the restaurant...

When we ate there, everything looked new and clean.

It was very nice surprise to see very nice facility and atmosphere from a restaurant in a small hotel.

There were so many food to choose from.

I choose Tuna Poki, Cucumber Kimchee, some kind of mushroom appetizer, and small fish with spice for appetizer.

Hot and sour soup was delicious, that was one of my favorite soups.

I picked shrimp, fish paste with wanton strings, fried spring roll, asari shells, rolled sushi, noodle, stirred green beans, salad and red bean mochi.

Red bean mochi was soooo soft. I've never taste so delicious one before. You must try this.

There are private room for a large party.

General info

Opens: Daily

Phone: 671-649-3222

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