Rent a Car !

Let's Rent a Car and feel like being a local for even on day or tw, three days...

Let's be in charge of your trip with your favorite Rent-a-Car!

If you plan to stay within Tumon area, you may not need of renting a car, because there are trolley bus goes around every 10 minutes.

But if you are one of adventurers and can drive a car, you should try renting one. One of good place to rent it is from Rent-a-car company at Guam International Airport.

You can maximize your time doing so...

You might renting a car every trip. LOL. :-)

There are more than several rent a car company there to choose from.

Guam is one of the island that you don't have to have international driver's license. Within 30 days since you arrive on Guam, you can drive a car with your country's driver's license.

And rent-a-car company at airport opens 24 hours, not like other location such as inside hotel. they usually opens limited hours for example 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and they close lunch time for one hour.

Compact car (4 people) fee for 24 hours is average between $42 to $56.

Mid-Size (5 people) fee for 24 hours is average between $48 to $66.

Full size (5 people) fee for 24 hours is average between $45 to $96.

Minivan (7 people) fee for 24 hours is average between $85 to $140.

These are not exact price, just the idea to help you choose what type of vehicle you want to use, depending on the type of car you choose price may more higher or lower... You can research it before you make a booking.

On returning a car, make sure you fill up gas before return. If you don't company will charge you very high price of gas fee based on their policy. (Make sure check gas level and bring back a receipt from gas station.)

As Rental fee doesn't include auto insurance.

As Guam law, you have to have Child/Infant Car Seat if you have a child age between 1 to 4 year old (under 40lbs/18kg), Booster seat for 4~11 years old and under 145 cm. Renting these seat is additional charge.

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