Red Shuttle Bus
is your tool to explore

Red Shuttle Bus is your tool to explore in Tumon, Tamuning, and Hagatna Area.

There are 2 Bus companies that are taking tourists to Shopping Malls and Hotels in Tumon, Tamuning and Hagatna area.

One of them is Red Shuttle Bus.

One ride is $4.00 per person, One day ticket is $12.00.

They have 2 days, 5 days tickets as your need.

Red Shuttle - Tumon Shuttle

This is the Red Bus route map in Tumon.

They have North bound and South bound.

Blue line is North Bound route, which starts from Guam Premier Outlets, Bus stop number 13, to Micronesia Mall, Bus Stop number 22.

Green dot line is South Bound route, which starts from Micronesia Mall to Guam Premier Outlets.

Both North bound and South bound bus will stop by some hotels such as Nikko Guam, Lotte Hotel, Pacifi Place, Guam Hilton Bus stop.

If you are riding from those bus stops, check on the front window of the bus sign says "North Bound" or "South Bound". If you don't pay attention to that it might take you to totally different way.

Red shuttle Bus - Shopping Mall Shuttle

There are 3 major shopping places to visit for your souvenir shopping, Micronesia Mall, Guam Premier Outlets and KMart.

And Red Bus has that route just for that.

Shopping Mall Shuttle bus will take you to those 3 places and every 10 minutes shuttle will come around. Schedule starts at 10:00 am from Guam Premier Outlets everyday.

DFS + KMart Shuttle bus will start from 9:30 at DFS in Tumon and every 20 minutes after that.

* There is a sign on the front of the bus, Shopping Mall Shuttle has Red sign on it and KMart Shuttle has Green sign on the front.

When you purchase 1 day tickets, you can ride as many as you want in all these routes with it. 1 day Ticket cost $12.00.

You can purchase at Ticket Booth or from a bus driver.

What about going to Hagatna Area by Red Shuttle Bus?

Want to go to Hagatna Area?

Yes, Red Shuttle Bus can take you there too.

But it will cost separately from 1 day ticket.

Hagatna ticket costs $10.00 round trip.

It will leave from Tumon Sands Plaza at 10:30am and they are limited schedule. Last bus leaves from Tumon Sands Plaza at 17:45.

Chamorro Night Market Shuttle Bus

Every Wednesday night, there are Chamorrow Night Market Shuttle Bus Service with cost of $7.00 for round trip.

Bus will leave from DFS in Tumon at 18:00 and every 20 minutes until 19:30.

If you are at Guam Premier Outlets on that day and want to go to the Chamorro Night Market, Red Shuttle Bus will take you from there as well at 18:00. This also has same schedule as bus leaves from DFS. Last bus from Guam Premier Outlets is 19:30 also.

Oh, Bus color may not be red for this route and it might be a bigger bus will be used for this due to more people get on to go there.

Flea Market Shuttle

Every Saturday and Sunday there are Flea Market going on at Dededo village.

Flea Market Shuttle costs $7.00 per person.

Bus leaves from Onward Hotel at 6:00 am for 1st run and 6:15 am for 2nd run. Bus arrives at Flea Market Place at 7:00 am and 7:15 am.

Return bus leaves from Flea Market at 8:00 am and 8:15am.

Who is running: Lam Lam Tours & Transportation

Bus location can be viewed on a map.
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