Olive Spa Guam

On Your Guam Vacation, definitely get spa at Olive Spa Guam!

Well, I've been dreaming to get massage treatment on my vacation.

I tried Olive Spa Guam.

It was one of best time to spend time on Guam Vacation.

Well, I went there around close to 6:00 pm. Afternoon sun was still hitting the Spa Reception area. It was really hot, because they kept open the windows for some reasons.

Spa staff didn't seem nothing wrong.

Receptionist gave me a clipboard to fill up the paperwork.

And while I was filling it, she served a little glass of tropical drink. You can choose from a drink menu. I chose tropical drink.

The little Glass jars on the right hand side of above picture were samples of aroma oil that I can choose for my massage.

I selected soothing oil. After about 15 minutes of check in process I was escorted to a massage room.

Let's get Olive Spa Guam
Full Body Aroma Treatment!

Massage was 60 minutes full body aroma treatment.

It started from the food massage with warm water.

Then I lay down this massage bed and had body massage from my upper back.

My Masseuse was very nice lady and checked how I am comfortable or not time to time. (masseuses here are all female by the way.)

Oh, She let me choose for room aroma when I entered the room.

There were choice of Geranium and Citrus Aurantifolia.

I choose the Full Body Aroma Treatment, so minutes of massage time on each body part was even, but they have treatment called "Treat Yourself" Course that you can tell masseuse which part you want her to take time to massage. They also have Detox course and can add hand massage, more foot massage as you wish.

After the treatment you can take a shower in the same room.

They have many shampoos to choose also. It was an one of kind time to spend on Guam Vacation.

I would like to come back again soon.

General Info:

Open: Monday to Sunday

Open Hour: 12:00-24:00



  • Full Body Treatment 100min.           $200
  • Full Body Treatment 120min.           $240
  • Full Body Treatment 60min.             $120
  • Treat Yourself course 90min.           $180
  • Treat Yourself course 60min.            $120
  • Full body + Head & Shoulder 100min. $200
  • Full body + Head & Shoulder 120min. $240
  • Full body + Head & Shoulder 150min. $300

Additional options

  • Head & Ear 10min. $20
  • Bowel massage 10min. $20
  • Decollete 10min. $20
  • Heavens Hand 30min. $60
  • Foot 30min. $60

Phone: 1-671-647-0455

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