We went to
Ocean Jet Club Guam

The other day, we went to Ocean Jet Club Guam and tried Parasailing, Banana Boat, and Super Screamer in the afternoon.

We had a very great time.
Staff were very friendly & helpful.

Only regret that I had was I booked at 11:00 am but some of my party showed up a little late, so we started participating tour from 12:00.
They gave me a piece of paper with our activity time schedule on, it looked not too tight schedule to me at first but I didn't know how long the each activity took.

I didn't think about transportation time between the activities.
We ended up participating activity one after another, back to back!
I had to ask staff to make us lunch box so we don't miss our food, because they have kitchen for lunch only from 11:30 to 3:00pm.

Ocean Jet Club Guam Activities

Each activity was so much fun.
Wow, I didn't know how high we can go up at Parasailing.
Parasailing was harness style, so it's very safe but you can really feel that you are up in the air. I liked it better than sit-on style Parasailing. That's just my opinion.

Ah, Banana Boat ride was exciting, too. I sat on the very back, I felt more gravity and I had to hold on really tight to the handle. I almost fell in the water!

Last activity we tried was Super Screamer
Oh, boy. you will really scream when you try this. I did.
Jet ski driver pull the little round floater, we lay down on the tammy and hold on to the rope.
He throw me in the water twice!
It was fun!!!

But I lost my bracelet during the Super Screamer when I fell in the water.
When you try, I recommend to take off all your jewelry before the activity and put them in your locker.

Also I recommend to book for early pick up so you have enough time to relax at their beach and more time for lunch.

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