New Year Ceremony

Some Japanese managed hotel on Guam does New Year Ceremony, Rice Pounding and Break Sake Barrel.


Guam Reef Hotel and Nikko Guam as a Japanese-managed-hotel, welcome Japanese New Year with “Mochi pounding ceremony” at the hotel’s lobby. This is an annual activity they probably do for their hotel guests but some locals also enjoy. Free Sake and Free Rice Cake for the New Year.

New Year Ceremony: Rice Pounding

Japanese people celebrate New Year as Christian calendar with many unique and special activities. This picture down below is that I took at Guam Reef Hotel that hotel staff were offering fresh pounded Rice which called “Mochi" at their hotel’s lobby at 9:00 am, 1st January 2016.

They bought steamed Mochi Rice one after another and let guests pounded Rice to make Mochi.

Rice pounding is a Japanese tradition on the first day of the New Year with desire of luck, health and prosperity.

Traditional Mochi is made from soft and sweet rice (called Mochi rice, or Mochiko). The cooked rice is crushed in a large wooden mortar by 2 people until becoming sticky mass then formed into round shape.

Ceremony lasts about an hour or less.

Hotel Nikko Guam 's Rice pouncing Ceremony schedule is as below...
15:00 Greeting
15:10 Break Sake Barrel
15:20 Rice pounding
15:40 Photo Shooting
16:15 Close