Infusion CoffeeShop

I wake up with a cup of coffee every day, when I have coffee somewhere on the go, Infusion CoffeeShop is the way to go...

They are located at a little off from crowded places like Micronesia Mall and Guam Premier Outlets area... (Maybe because of choice of location, coffee price is a little cheaper than other coffee shops especially house coffee which I like.)

You can visit Infusion easily when you have a rent-a-car.

But if you don't have a rent-a-car, you can visit one of Infusion CoffeeShop inside of Oka Payless near the Onward Beach Resort Hotel in Tamuning.

Take Red Bus, Tumon Shuttle and get off Sheraton Laguna Resort or Onward Beach Resort Hotel. I prefer getting off at Onward Beach Resort....

Due to inside of supermarket, coffee shop area is very small and seating is very limited there, so when I buy coffee there, I usually don't stay.

It's good to stop by here when you are driving a rent-a-car though...

You can get food item for picnic and get coffee there and go on the road. Getting back on the road is also easy to do when you are going south sightseeing trip especially.

(Photo above is located little further down south side from Onward Beach Resort, right on the Marine Corp. Drive, Route 1. I just wanted to show their sign.)

There are plenty parking space there and plenty seating also.

Well, enough about traffic. Above picture is our lunch choice of one day at Infusion.

I ordered Pizza with lots of Spinach and Mozzarella cheese.

And my husband ordered Angelica, the crape with Ham and Cheese.

It had spinach also inside. They were very delicious.

Where we ate was 2nd floor balcony seat. Inside was so cold, so we decided to have seats balcony area to get some fresh air. If there was no wind, it gets a little too hot to stay there long time. But the day we went was nice breezy day.

Infusion CoffeeShop Eco-Cup

They recently added Eco-Cup and they are so cute. Price is very reasonable, too, only $2.00 per cup.

It is a good for souvenir. Better to get them before they run out. LOL.

Their sandwich are also pretty good and reasonable price.

My recent favorite is Chia, energy food. Banana is hiding inside. :-)

Genaral Info:

Phone number: (671) 647-0260

Open hours: 6 am to 7 pm

WIFI: Free

Website: Infusion Facebook