Gun Shooting Ranges

In this page, I would like to talk about Gun Shooting Ranges.

First time I tried Gun Shooting was back in 1999.

And now 2015, my eyesight was getting more bad, so I wasn't sure I can aim well. But I think I did well. LOL. My core was total of 246, above average, the staff at Western Frontier Village told me. :-)

To many Japanese people, it's just curious to try how it feels to hold the real gun and shoot it, most of Japanese have never had the opportunity to shoot a gun. It's very exotic for them, and it's very exhilarating.

Most of Western Frontier customers are like me from Japan.

Many other tourists — from South Korea, Taiwan — are less impressed. All South Korean men, for example, learn how to shoot during mandatory military service. I guess they don't need to try on their vacation here.

When I tried, I was nervous from the briefing time that they teach how to use the gun to practice time what the instructor said and Real time to shoot several gun types that I chose. If I am not writing about Guam, this second experience never happened to me probably.

Well, there are 2 types of Gun Shooting Ranges, Indoor style and Outdoor...

Gun Shooting Ranges: Indoor

One of Indoor style Gun shooting Range is "Western Frontier Village."

It located in heart of Tumon, right in between

Guam Reef Hotel and Westin Hotel.

I was surprised so many souvenirs they displayed to see right after when you enter the front door. You can find Western style souvenirs for your family and friends.

They display many pictures of who participated and got high score. Some of them are celebrities from Japan, of course. I didn't get to photo taken by them, so I guess I wasn't a high score customer... :(

Shooting time didn't take long, maybe about 1 hour...

First come first style... When I went no other customer was their and right before I left there was a man came in...

You can choose from many plans that they have...

Package A: $25 (.22 Caliber: 36 bullets)

Package B: $30 (.22 Caliber, semi auto + .22 Caliber: 36 bullets, 18 ea.)

Package C: $35 (.22 Caliber, .38 Caliber, Shotgun or Rifle)

Package D: $40 (.22 Caliber, semi auto + .22 Caliber + .38 Caliber: 12 each, total 36 bullets)

Package E: $45 (.38 Caliber + .44 Caliber + .45 Caliber: 12 each, total 36 bullets)

Package F: $50 (.357 Caliber, .44 Caliber or .45 Caliber)

Package G: $55

Package H: $95 (6 kinds of gun, total of 72 bullets)

* Package E is very popular, according to Western Frontier price list.

Open hour: 10:00 to 22:00 (Open Daily)

Transportation: Pick Up service available

Phone: 671-646-8261 / 646-5670

Website: Own website could not be found

Gun Shooting Ranges: Outdoor

There is Outdoor style Gun Shooting Range also.

I haven't try there yet but I found their website and read about them in Guam Local Magazine. Their guide looks very helpful staff.

If anyone goes there, please let me know and share your experience at

They claim to be the "Biggest Shooting range in Guam!
longest shooting range has a depth of 90m!"

Here is their info about BASIC Course...

Basic Course A: $60

  • 9mm(Handgun) / 12 Rounds
  • .45ACP(Handgun) / 12 Rounds
  • .12GA birdshot(Shotgun) / 3 Rounds

Basic Course B: $85

  • 9mm(Handgun) / 12 Rounds
  • .45ACP(Handgun) / 12 Rounds
  • .12GA birdshot(Shotgun) / 5 Rounds

Basic Course C: $110

  • 9mm(Handgun) / 17 Rounds
  • .45ACP(Handgun) / 12 Rounds
  • 5.56mmNATO(M4) / 5 Rounds
  • .38Special(Revolver) / 6 Rounds
  • .12GA birdshot(Shotgun) / 5 Rounds

Basic Course D: $170

  • 9mm(Handgun) / 17 Rounds
  • .45ACP(Handgun) / 12 Rounds
  • 5.56mmNATO(M4 or M16) / 10 Rounds
  • .38Special(Revolver) / 6 Rounds
  • .44 magnum (Revolver) / 6 Rounds
  • .12GA birdshot (Shotgun) / 5 Rounds

Basic Course E: $220

  • 9mm(Handgun) / 17 Rounds
  • .45ACP(Handgun) / 12 Rounds
  • 5.56mmNATO(M4) / 7 Rounds
  • .38Special(Revolver) / 6 Rounds
  • .44 magnum(Revolver) / 6 Rounds
  • 7.62mm×39 Russian(AK-47) / 7 Rounds


  • [1]High power rifle: Choose ammunition.(.243Win/.22-250 Rem/308WIN) / 5 Rounds
  • [2].12GA birdshot      ※and choose [a Fire ball /.12GA Shotgun  3 Rounds」 or 「5 Easy cray pigeons / .12GA Shotgun 5 Rounds ])

Wow, Above is just Basic Courses... They have advance course, too.

You can take a look other course prices as below...

Guam Outdoors Shooting Range, Advanced Course Price info

Open hours: 9:30 to 17:00 (Open year round, New Year Day: Close)

Phone: 1-671-828-1154/688-0939


Transportation: Included