Encore the Magic Show
on Guam

Finally Anthony Reed's Encore the Magic Show on Guam started!

I've been hearing there is going to be another magic show at Fiesta Resort Hotel.

Well, as soon as it opened, I went to watch it, of course. Twice!

And I enjoyed very very much.

They made theater style, so you can concentrate watching the magic without interruption.

Meet Cast of Encore the Magic Show!

Anthony Reed & Rio, the White Lion

Anthony Reed's personalize show is one of kinds.

He also interacts with audience and give them a memory of it. I think they will remember about this magic for long time.

And you have to meet the White Lion, Rio. He is still a baby, Anthony says on the stage. He doesn't have mane yet.

Rio is already pretty big size to me, but Anthony says he will grow more. Well, Rio is the first & only one White Lion on Guam.

I am looking forward to see Rio with mane again.

Mr. Robb, the Silent Comedy Loud Laugh

Encore the Magic show has sexy, funny, laughter and excitement in one show.

One of favorites is Mr. Robb, the Silent Comedy Magician.

Every performance that he does in the show cracks me up so much, I think I can laugh every time I go.

Second time I went, my friend asked me,

"didn't you watch this couple weeks ago? And still you are laughing like you are watching for the first time."

Yes, I laughed many times even on the second time.

You gotta watch this.

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Duo Românesc

When I saw Duo Românesc for the first time. I was shocked that how they balance themselves with a such acrobatic performance.

They have been performing together since 2007.

Since photo and video shooting was prohibited. I will put their brochure for some visual (LOL).

Show Times Info as below...

Location: Fiesta Resort Hotel

Performances Every Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

First Show - 6:00 p.m.
Second Show - 8:30 p.m.

Ticket Per Person
Ages 13 and Up - $80
Ages 4 to 12 - $28

* Ticket includes (1) one drink (Domestic Beer or soft drink)

Show Length: One Hour
Theater Capacity: 190
Free Transportation Available from major hotels in Tumon.

If you go direct, arrive 15 minutes prior to the show time.

Contact Info:

E-Mail: reservation@rdproductions.net

Phone: +1(671)647-7227

Website: www.rdproduction.net