Dolphin Watching Tour

Dolphin Watching Tour is one of the fun activities to participate on your Guam vacation!

Real World Diving is the pioneer of Dolphin Watching Tour on Guam.

They are proud to say that they have 95% chance of spotting dolphins. If you do not see dolphins on your tour, you can return the next day for FREE. But they hardly have those days.

The day we went on the tour was one of perfect Tour Day!!!

The weather was nice, ocean was calm, water at snorkeling place was clear (we could see the bottom.), Cruising was very comfortable.

We were picked up at Guam Reef Hotel at 7:35am.

We are so excited to get on the bus. Let's start the tour!

Bus took us to the office at Fiesta Resort Hotel and waited for couple minutes for other customers from other hotels South side area like Onward Beach Resort, etc.

Our driver passed the waiver form to us to sign in the bus.

Then he drove down toward south side for about 30 minutes.

The bus took us to the dock at Apra Harbor, the Guam's commercial port.

First, we stopped at snorkeling point inside the harbor.

Surprisingly water was very clear, we could see the bottom. Everyone ran to the side of the boat and wowing how beautiful the ocean was.

Everyone who swam had a life jacket on for safety. Then they were ready to swim!!!

It's been a while for my daughter to swim in the ocean, she was very excited!! There was a water trampoline at snorkeling time.

Kids were so excited and went jumping on the water trampoline and jumping in the water laughing. I wish I could catch the moment in my camera. Oh, well, maybe next time when we come back. LOL.

For their customers who don't swim can try fishing at front of the boat. Their fishing gear is very simple, just fishing pole, line and a hook with tiny sausage for the bait. It's very hard to time to hook the fish. But some people were catching the fish. There must be a method, but I forgot to ask how they were catching it. I was too busy video taping the whole tour. LOL.

This girl was catching fish many times and every time we released the fish into the ocean, a BIG barracuda attacked it and ate it. This happened every time, I am not kidding.

After Snorkeling and fishing time was done, we headed south side out in the open ocean.

Then maybe 15 to 20 minutes of drive, our captain Fred found a pod of Spinnerdolphins! Please see the video that I made on the Facebook.

General Info of Dophin Watching TOur:

Pick up time starts: 7:30 ~

Phone number: 1-671-646-8903

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