Asan Beach

Let's stop by Asan Beach for picnic lunch and feel like being a local even just for a day. :)

Driving a car and cruising around the island is great way to discover Guam's beautiful nature and feel like becoming a local even just for one day. LOL.

Even though you don't have an international driver's license, you can drive a car with your country's driver's license for 30 days after your arrival.

Asan Beach is about 15 to 20 minutes away by car from Tumon where major hotels at.

Recently I visited the Park, they added new picnic tables!!

It looks like wooden table and chairs and it looks really new. The thing behind the table looks like working process... hope that is for BBQ grill.

I am so happy to see improvements like these and feels Guam welcomes and cares about tourists.

There are some concrete table and chairs also. This looks one of the best spots there, cause I took this photo around noon time.

And look at that! Shady part is right at the table!! Yeah!

This is the bathroom there, it located south side of the park.

As of January 2015, it's still decent condition to use.

Proof photo! Plenty toilet papers, too!! LOL. It's important, you know.

(One time other public bathroom at Agat Marina didn't have toilet paper at all. And we had to run to the restaurant, all the way to the other side of the marina. Here, you don't have to worry about that.)

Also they have some trails to explore the little mountain inside the park.

You will find this sign right behind the Liberator's Memorial. It's not too hard to try this trail. There are several paths, one takes down to the beach and other takes to the hill. If you have one day of free to do anything you want on Guam, this trail to enjoy your day time would be a way. :)

Historical part of Asan Beach

Well, at the tip of the point is the Liberator's Memorial.

Historical part, it was one of the battle field once at time of WWII.

About 55,000 young Marines and Army soldiers participated in the battle for Guam. 1,866 American servicemen were killed in action or died of wounds during twenty one days of combat. Because of their sacrifice we now enjoy freedom on Guam today.

For more story about the battle here visit
Asan Beach Unit by National Park Service
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