Ague Cove

This is called Ague Cove, it's not too far from Tumon and about 30 minutes hike down point.

This is just an example of hiking experience.

The day we went was a little bit slippery because there was rain few days ago. Red mud made more slippery, I guess. People before us put ropes at very steep points that helped us not to slip and fall.

Going down was not so difficult, just needed to be careful not to slip and fall down. I felt like we were walking through the jungle.

There were also plenty mosquito. I wished I had an insect repellent spray. Mosquito were at the beach area even.

After 30 minutes of hike, we arrived at the cove. It was so beautiful. My daughters and son in law went swimming right away.

They said that there were many fish down there and beautiful blue and purple corals under the water.

All rocks are very sharp pointy rock all around the cove.

They climbed on the rock there to jump off. (You can see at my facebook page later.)

It doesn't look like high but it was pretty high and looked scary to jump off, because bottom looked very shallow. All 3 young people were so brave!

They swam for a while then went back to our car.

Going back was more hard to walk, walking back up the steep trail was much hard than that we expected. We stopped few time to catch our breath.

How to enjoy Hiking on Guam:

If you are not familiar with Guam's hiking points which most of tourists are, book with an hiking tour company or join Guam Boonie Stompers.

Guam Boonie Stompers is a non-profit Guam corporation hiking group.

Every Saturday, they offer public hikes to a variety of destinations such as beaches, snorkeling sites, waterfalls, mountains, caves, latte sites, and World War II sites.

They meet at 9:00 AM in the Center Court of Chamorro Village in Hagatna. The cost is $2.00 for hikers over 12 years old. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

It's cheap but hikers HAVE TO provide their own transportation.

Weather conditions can make the hikes more difficult than described. No reservations required.

You can check hiking info at Guam Boonie Stompers at
Guam Boonie Stompers' Facebook page
They will announce where they will hike on the next hike day in advance.

What to bring for hiking Ague Cove or any other hiking spots on Guam:

  1. Bring plenty of water with you on a hike.
  2. Some snacks.
  3. Reef Shoes.
  4. Insect Repellent Spray.
  5. Sunblock (You should put it on before you go out from your hotel room.)
  6. Hat
  7. Towel.
  8. Shoes that you don't mind to get dirty with red mud.
  9. Long Sleeve shirt and long pants.
  10. Swim wear if the hiking point is that you can swim.
  11. Gloves

Don't forget to tell your family member where you are going and when to expect your return. Guam's trails are not all developed yet.

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