"Have you found your favorite
Guam Beaches?"

Since I visited Guam beaches in summer of 1999, They became my favorite beaches to visit on my vacation. I fell in love with the beaches, with the ocean and with people there.

Guam beaches make me relaxed and the deep Blue Ocean refreshes my soul. People welcome me like their friend every time I visit Guam.

So, how many beaches in Guam? You will be surprised how many beaches this tiny island has. As I know there are 42 beaches! Can you believe this tiny 30 miles long island has all that beaches? And each beach has its own beauty.

tumon two lovers point

Going to the Beach is one of the best ways for me to spend time with my family. My daughter,Reina and I love to pick shells while we explore the beach. She always want to be the one picks most shells for the day and she always is. I will show you her collection on other page.:)

We also enjoy snorkeling as much as walking and looking for shells on the beach. Because we can see lots of beautiful tropical fish underwater there like this as below.

ypao school of chromis

Some beaches are near to hotels in Tumon Bay where most of the major hotels are, like this Ypao Beach. And some you need a car to get there and others you can visit only by boat. And I can’t wait to tell you all about it. And I have a lot of other fun stuff to share with you about our experienses in this web site….

My Favorite Guam Beaches
From so many beautiful Guam Beaches, it's hard to choose which is the best.
Guam Events
very month something is happening on Guam. Check out my info of Guam events.
Thinking about Guam Vacations?
Thought about Guam Vacations? This little paradise located in the Western Pacific.
My Favorite Restaurants,guam vacations
I can't recommend but I can tell you my favorite restaurants on my Guam Vacations that I tried and liked them. Guam has a wide variety of different ethnic foods to choose from. You may want to try the
My favorite Guam Hotels on guam vacations
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How many Guam beaches are there? Take a look at my map of Guam.
How many Guam Beaches does Guam have? You will be surprised how many Guam beaches this tiny 212 square miles island, Guam hasc Take a look of my map of Guam.
Contact Us, Guam Beaches.com
Contact us, Guam Beaches.com, We would love to hear from you!
My Best Photos of Guam Beaches and Coast Lines
Have you stop your car somewhere just to take a photo on your vacation? Thinking like "this is going to be one of my best photos of Guam...." I have, many times.
Ypao Beach is Tumon Bay Sea Life Park! Guam has a wonderful snorkeling site.
Guam Marine Preseve system made Ypao Beach a Sea Life Park. Tumon Bay where Ypao Beach is located has been selected as a Marine Preserve Area since 1997, and has been enforced since January 2001.
JanZs by the Sea, A Huge Pancake, Guam Restaurant
JanZs by the Sea is located about 35 minutes south of Tumon in the village of Agat. Their pancakes are really huge. One pancake is all you need. You should try it yourself or you can see my photo…
Help Tim Rock 's photo book, "Hidden Treasures, Guam's Marine Preserves"
Please help Tim Rock to publish "Hidden Treasures, Guam's Marine Preserves." You will be grad to be a backer when you receive the beautiful Guam's Marine Preserves Photo Book in your hand.
Guam weather is tropical weather. Most days are sunny with some occasional showe
Guam weather is tropical weather. Most days are sunny with some occasional showers here and there. But rain shower on Guam usually don't last long.
Guam Water Activities; Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Dolphin watching,
There are so many Water Activities on Guam such as Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Dolphin watching, fishing, and so on.
Hilton Guam, Guam Hotels, Guam vacations
The Hilton Guam Resort & Spa has been very good to us. My daughter enjoys the water slide and I enjoy the Jacuzzi, which over looks Tumon bay. This is also the place that my husband now, asked me
Fly to Guam, vacation destination in Tropical Western Pacific
How long does it take to fly to Guam from….?
Margaritas Bistro & BBQ. Guam Restaurants
Margaritas Bistro & BBQ is also one of our favorite Restaurants. Customers are welcome to bring the fish that they caught on their fishing tour. The restaurant will prepare a wonderful dinner using
Guam Spinnerdolphins, One of the most beautiful creatures around Guam!
When you come to Guam, I recommend you go see Spinner Dolphins! Guam's Spinnerdolphins are very playful even though they are 100% wild.
Guam Faifai Beach
You can enjoy Guam's nature at Guam Faifai Beach. It is past Gun Beach. You walk through a little narrow trail by the ocean then you see the beautiful open beach and ocean.
Guam Micronesia Island Fair
Every year you can enjoy lots of Performers and Micronesian Art & Crafts at Guam Micronesia Island Fair.
Ocean Jet Club Guam
When I visited Guam, we went to Ocean Jet Club Guam and tried Parasailing, Banana Boat, and Super Screamer.
Daddy's Donut Shop
When you have a chance to drive around, stop by Daddy's Donut Shop. They make fresh donut all day! I mean FRESH. You can see they are frying them when you go in the shop.
wonderful solution
Hi, I'm Hiroe Ross and I am so happy that you are here, because I would like to share the wonderful solution with you and everyone.
Encore the Magic Show
Finally Anthony Reed's Encore the Magic Show on Guam started!!!